Our latest projects

LHD Nissan Silvia S15

We carried out a complete RHD to LHD conversion of this stunning Nissan Silvia S15. Everything works perfectly as if this car had just rolled off the production line. Even A/C. Aside from the conversion, we also did a performance upgrade and some bodywork. Like the outcome?

LHD Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

Ain’t nothing like driving the stick? The owner or this car asked us to carry out a complete RHD to LHD conversion and also change the transmission from automatic to manual. The rest is completely stock.

Toyota Supra Drift Spec

This used to be a very nice stock Toyota Supra. We transformed it into a pure race car that takes part in top European drifting championships. A beast, isn’t she?

LHD Toyota Supra JDM

Once upon a time there was a Toyota Supra and a guy called FruFru. The Supra belonged to FruFru but he was not a happy camper. Okay, Supras are not ideal camping equipment but that’s not what bothered FruFru. The truth is the guy likes it hard. He needs the body really solid, not like his European version Supra with a targa roof.

Toyota AE86 Levin coupe

This vintage Toyota may not be love at first sight but it is still one of our favorite cars. We love it for its heritage and simplicity. We completely renovated this car from body to a new engine.