August 13th 2015

LHD Nissan Silvia S15

We carried out a complete RHD to LHD conversion of this stunning Nissan Silvia S15. Everything works perfectly as if this car had just rolled off the production line. Even A/C. Aside from the conversion, we also did a performance upgrade and some bodywork. Like the outcome?

The first generations of Nissan Silvia (or 200SX in Europe) were available in LHD version. Unfortunately, the last generation of this fantastic vehicle, the S15, was only RHD. And that’s too bad. Because we want everybody to be given a chance to have a whale of a time behind the wheel of this machine, we offer RHD to LHD conversion. We have converted two of these cars so far. One was an S15 for race track use and the other a street-legal car. Well, one wasn’t enough for one of our customers.

To convert the car successfully, we had to use quite a lot of parts from the S14. In addition, we made an entirely new dashboard and interior. The parts were available too but we couldn’t settle for the quality. Well, if you only want the best, you have to go the extra mile. We did. Aside from the conversion, we also upgraded the engine using a Tomei turbo kit. The car now puts out 360 HP. She has a suspension with DG-5 coilovers, HPI cooling (water radiator, oil cooler and intercooler) and titanium Tomei exhaust system. Brakes come from a Nissan R34 GTR, brake pads are made by Project Mu. We also replaced the original transmission with a much better HPI 6 speed. The interior is exceptionally well finished as only top quality leather was used. Passengers are seated in two wonderful Bride LowMax seats. The car runs on great Advan GT 18” wheels with Advan AD08R tires. A Vertex Lang body kit with a Vertex Edge hood makes this beauty stand out from the crowd.

Video covering the upgrade and LHD conversion of this S15

Enjoy these wonderful photos by Ondrej Kroutil - Steering Media:

List of parts used:

  • Tomei ECU
  • Tomei 256 cams
  • Tomei Expreme High response manifold
  • Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust
  • Tomei head gasket
  • Turbo GT2871R 1.3 bar
  • Nismo 555 injectors
  • GTR34 brakes with Project Mu pads and discs
  • 18” ADVAN Racing wheels GT and AD08R tires
  • DG5 suspension
  • HPI 6 speed transmission
  • HPI radiator
  • HPI oil cooler
  • HPI intercooler
  • HPI downpipe
  • Bride Stradia II LowMax seats
  • Custom leather interior
  • Vertex Lang body kit and Vertex Edge hood
  • and a few others here and there :-)

Here is a complete gallery of the building process from the beginning to the end

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