August 9th 2015

LHD Toyota Supra JDM

Once upon a time there was a Toyota Supra and a guy called FruFru. The Supra belonged to FruFru but he was not a happy camper. Okay, Supras are not ideal camping equipment but that’s not what bothered FruFru. The truth is the guy likes it hard. He needs the body really solid, not like his European version Supra with a targa roof.

A giant petrolhead, FruFru decided to get an original JDM Supra.
The problem was that no LHD Supras with a solid body had ever been produced. Well, did that stop our friend? No way! FruFru asked us to make a LHD conversion on his new car. And so we did. The car was completely overhauled and only top-quality parts were used. These include a NAPREC head, forged engine, HKS T04Z turbo kit and Endless brakes.

This beast puts out over 700 HP.

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