July 31st 2015

Nissan Skyline BNR 32

We completely rebuilt this GTR and upgraded everything we could. Out with the old, in with the new! Engine was completed by TOMEI and imported to our workshop as a whole.

Engine and performance

  • NISMO N1 race engine block
  • TOMEI forged crank shaft
  • TOMEI forged H Beams
  • TOMEI forged pistons
  • TOMEI piston rings
  • JUN crank shaft bolts
  • TOMEI head bolts
  • TOMEI 280/10,25 mm cams
  • TOMEI valve springs
  • TOMEI valve leads
  • TOMEI hydraulic lifters
  • TOMEI connecting rod bearings
  • NISMO main bearings
  • NISMO N1 water pump
  • JUN oil pump
  • TOMEI head gasket
  • TOMEI timing gears
  • TOMEI timing belt
  • TOMEI oil restrictor in head
  • TOMEI customized head
  • ATI RACING crankshaft pulley
  • NISMO silent blocks of engine
  • HKS turbo kit T04Z
  • SARD RACING 780 cc injectors
  • SARD RACING fuel rail
  • SARD RACING fuel regulator
  • GREDDY oil cooler
  • HKS GT type intercooler
  • HKS intercooler pipings
  • KOYO 3-layer water radiator
  • TRUST titanium exhaust
  • ORC ceramic triple clutch
  • HKS racing blow-off
  • NGK spark plugs
  • STACK gauges
  • DEFI boost gauges and EGT gauges
  • BOSCH 280-litre fuel pump
  • SARD RACING fuel tank
  • MOCAL fuel cooler
  • MOCAL servo fluid cooler

Chassis and interior

  • TEIN SUPER RACING coilovers
  • GREDDY front brakes (6 pistons, 355 mm)
  • KAAZ 2 way rear differential
  • VOLK RACING CE28 rims
  • NAMS upper adjustable arms
  • NISMO steering wheel

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